Learning to Homestead-Skills Development

finished aran gingerbread

I was going to say that homesteading requires time sacrifices, but I don’t want to make homesteading sound like a hardship.

Once you get a decent skill base developed, homesteading becomes easier and you can start putting your energies into developing skills in the areas that you want to explore. But as a general rule, homesteading is a lot of work. It can help stretch resources a lot further and help stabilize income (plus it can be enjoyable just as hobby work), but most homesteaders put a lot of skills into play.

Types of skills in general use, depending on location of homestead and main drive of the homestead:

  1. Cooking-frequently but not always as much scratch as possible, processing grains and beans, butchery skills, knife skills, use of spices, reading a recipe, making stocks and broths, roasting, canning,fermenting, dehydrating, freezing
  2. Animal husbandry
  3. Gardening and/or farming-size and location/zone dependent
  4. DIY-soap, fiber arts like felt and knitting, bathing products, cleaning products
  5. Hunting-Yes, I know it’s controversial but also relevant
  6. Home maintance
  7. Transportation maintance
  8. Health and Beauty-herbalism but also basic mainstream first aid
  9. Emergency preparedness-fire plans, blizzard plans, and concepts such as prepping

…But what do you -have- to know?  I’m not sure there’s a good answer to that. Any step you take will help make you more self reliant, but I’m not sure there’s a level that you reach and then you’re suddenly a homesteader. Two mint plants and a bottle of vinegar cleaner and you’re a homesteader.


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