Learning to Homestead-Pace Yourself


Don’t try to host Thanksgiving with all new recipes.

Or you’ll end up at Tops on Thursday morning buying pie crust.

Christmas, Yule, other food heavy holidays, the idea’s the same. Oh sure, there’s always a ‘first time for everything’ meal, the -very first Thanksgiving you cook-. But from there on out, start adding in new stuff slowly. Get rid of the canned berries and make your own. Start modifying sides. I know people who start with one new dish a year and see what goes best.

But for the love of pastry, learn how to make pie crust before a major holiday. Or just admit, the way I do, that pie crust is never going to be a strength and buy it.

Homesteading is like Thanksgiving. You don’t want to wake up on Halloween and think, I’m good. I’m going to spend 20 hours cooking for 35 people with no experience with anything I’m cooking. Some people will do fine. More than fine, they’re going to thrive. They’re literally going to buy a hobby farm and do splendidly right off the bat. You’ll…probably never encounter one but statistically speaking they have to exist.  Then most people would handle their un-planned Thanksgiving okay. Not awesome, but okay. They’re going to have to send someone out for soda, and the turkey might be dry, but they have a solid plan for next year. You’ll be able to homestead that way, but maybe not comfortably for a few years. Then there’s the people who are going to almost burn the house down, cry, and end up driving around looking for an open pizzeria. These are the people who overload their homestead, say the frack with this, and go back to whatever they were doing already. I would probably be in that camp, honestly.

-You do not need to turn yourself into a homesteading deity overnight.-

Start with small changes, over the course of a couple of months. See what’s useful for your household, what your budget can handle, and what your time allowances will work with. Don’t forget you still need to do all your other stuff in your life. I mean, it’s awesome to make all your own soap but if it’s eating up -all- your free time, and I do mean -all- there’s no shame in buying Dr. Bronner’s, unless you’re achieving soap making bliss and are using it as trade fodder for the stuff you don’t have time to make.

Even very small changes will add up over time.


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