Master Base Soup Recipe

master soup recipe

[I know that this is going to look like a lot of processed food and the associated issues that people have with it. However, if you look at it as ratios, you can make this as clean-or dirty-as your personal preferences desire. There’s no reason you couldn’t use this base with bone broth and heirloom tomatoes.]

I love recipes like this. It’s barely a recipe-in fact when my friend Nathan gave it to me on Facebook, that was his comment: it’s not a recipe. But at the same time, its ‘lack of structure’ is what makes it so awesome. It’s a ratio for a soup base that can be modified with broth types, vegetables, meats, tofu, spice preferences, etc. You could easily make this vegan.

For beginner cooks and homesteaders, that’s the type of recipe you need in your back pocket. Or even those cooks who know what they’re doing but have gotten so used to scratch cooking they need to ask for basics on Facebook [cough cough cough me cough].

As written the recipe came out tasting like Campbells, to me. But I also rarely use this level of salt in my cooking so it may be a matter of exposure.

Master Base Soup Recipe

1 can broth of choice (roughly 15 oz)

1 can roasted tomatoes (roughly 15 oz)

1 bag frozen vegetables (2-3 cups)


Add everything to a pot, and add enough water to cover. Bring to a simmer. Simmer 10 minutes or so. I also added Beekman House’s soup seasoning because I had it, but use preferred soup spices.


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