Operation Autumn 2016


Remember yesterday’s frantic, mopey, the rest of the year is ruined post?

Never underestimate the power of 24 hours.

I’m moving. The apartment is bigger, I’ll have slightly better bus access, and we’re going back to Mid’s old stomping grounds. Yep, I’m moved to cliches again.

There’s a lot of stuff to be settled out, the normal ‘breaking lease and moving’ stuff-but I know what’s happening now, and that’s a lot of where the stress was coming from.

So I feel safe in setting up another year’s worth of Operation Autumn.


  1. Door Wreath
  2. Go to a Corn Maze
  3. Haunted History Witch Walk
  4. Go to a bonfire
  5. Bake an apple pie
  6. Bake a pumpkin pie
  7. Go to a fiber festival
  8. Read M.R. James
  9. Go to the Festival of Trees
  10. go apple picking
  11. Go to a pumpkin farm
  12. Go to a haunted house
  13. Roast a turkey
  14. Roast a ham
  15. Make apple jam
  16. Make apple sauce
  17. Hold a haunted tea
  18. Make pumpkin butter
  19. Hold a chili night
  20. Go to Buffalo Screams
  21. Hold a Misgiving’s Day Party
  22. Hold Mabon
  23. Go to Van Horn’s halloween event
  24. Go to Iron Island
  25. Have a Starbuck’s pumpkin latte
  26. Go to Forest Lawn
  27. Go the farmer’s market halloween party
  28. Go to Oktoberfest
  29. Hold a Hammer Films marathon
  30. See what Target has out for Halloween
  31. Go to a pumpkin festival
  32. Make fudge
  33. Donate to a food drive
  34. Hold a community thanksgiving
  35. Watch Thankskilling
  36. Hold/attend Samhain
  37. Have a bread baking day
  38. Make my Christmas shopping list
  39. Write my 2015 gratitude list
  40. Start my Christmas cards
  41. Decorate my plant
  42. Go to the haunted zoo
  43. Go to the park
  44. Got to Letchworth
  45. Go to the Chattaqua Institution
  46. Go to Lily Dale
  47. Go to the USS The Sullivans
  48. Watch The Gravedancers
  49. Ride the haunted train
  50. Go to the Farmer’s Museum
  51. Carve a pumpkin
  52. Make leaf crafts
  53. Drink pumpkin beer

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