Columns (and Link Parties)

Sunday Legends-Pinterest Board

Haunted Western New York- Updated Every Other Friday

updated 3/9/13

Gray Road

Oswego Harbor Lighthouse

Shea’s Theater (Buffalo)

Grain Elevators (Buffalo)

Holiday Inn (Grand Island)

H.H. Richardson Complex

Physical Mediumship

South Campus, University of Buffalo

Jemima Wilkinson

Orchard Hall

Lancaster Opera House

Matilda Gillette

Eliza O’Brien

Fuller, Russell, and Keating

USS The Fighting Sullivans

Valentown Museum

Buffalo and Ley Lines

Old Fort Niagara

Van Horn (photos)

Spirit Photography

Central Terminal

The White Lady of Durand-Eastman Park

The Fox Sisters

Zoar Valley

Van Horn Mansion

Books Used in the Sunday and Friday Series

Brunvand, Jan Harold Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: The Book of Scary Urban Legends W.W.      Norton and Company,2004

Winfield, Mason Spirits of the Great Hill: Haunted Sites and Ancient Mysteries of Upstate New York Brian Meyer Publisher, 2001

—– Shadows of the Western Door: Haunted Sites and Ancient Mysteries of Upstate New York Brian Meyer Publisher, 1997

Winfield, et al Haunted Rochester: The Supernatural History of the Lower Genessee The History Press, 2008

Link Parties



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happy house and home


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lil miss tori     urban naturale

 Cast Party Wednesday  Adorned From Above


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