2011 goals

since i missed all of september. and august.

i have been an insanely, crazily busy creature. the universe has been good to me so i can’t really complain; it just means that i’m left making choices between what to do and blogging (on any site) isn’t very high on those lists.

but winter’s coming and that means that i’m going to be getting more indoor time.

next month will make a year since i wrote my last fiber arts resolutions. so for one final run down…

– knit 10 items off of my queu

i currently have 529 patterns on my ravelry cue. the vast majority of them are free patterns. actually knit 10 items off of that queue

well. i’m over 660 items now, but some of them are for specific ideas/projects. i think that i’m at 5 items off of my queue. that puts me at halfway.


-finish processing and spinning one of the two fleeces.

i have one and a half babydoll fleeces sitting in my hallway. i have to get them processed.

nope. though i got through about 3/4 of one of them.


-learn how to wheel spin


-clear out one bin of yarn.

mailings through holiday wishes counts towards this goal

accomplished 1/1/2011

-the chili boy challenge

mid is referred to as chili boy on ravelry, and he has requested 11 pairs of socks. that’s not that much if you think about it from the perspective that it’s 1 pair of socks a month.

2/11 completed…yeah that one didn’t happen. i ended up getting him a bag of socks at target. maybe i’ll put it on the list for next year.

– knit 6 charity projects

this one i will actually hit goal on. i’ve started knitting a lot of chaotic cables scarves for charity, along with other basic scarves. i’m at 4 for now, i think. i’m not sure, but i’ll hit 6 either way. this one will have to be adjusted up.

– knit a project a month for myself

3/12 (but i have 2 on the needles)

– fill my trade page

working on it. i’m knitting a lot for pay it forward gifts as well.

– improve my spinning

it’s gotten cold so i’m back to knitting though i’ll probably take my spindles out every once in awhile.


16.5 hours

16.5 hours into the new year and i’ve already accomplished one of my fiber-related goals.

my hallway and bedroom are horribly disorganized, and just generally in need of a good deep clean. i have all of the yarn that mid’s mom gave me in a box in the living room, but it needs to be moved before it’s found in its current hiding spot.

my yarn lives in a pile of crates on the bottom landing of the hallway. i want to put the yarn in the living room into those boxes, or at least part of it. i also have a pile of lion brand homespun that’s supposed to eventually become a blanket for a friend that’s been living in shopping bags on the top landing.

i’ve been teaching a friend of mid’s to knit over the past month or so. she needs yarn, i need box space.

i’m giving her 20 skeins of red heart and other assorted worsted weight yarn next week.

there. goal accomplished, and hopefully room for the other yarn.