What’s Your Favorite Scary Story?

I’ve spent enough time working commissions that my phone autocorrects everything to scarf or mitten.

I will be pulling this blog out of retirement.

Including the horror and folklore content.

Tell me about your favorite scary stories bonus points for things that came out of 2016.


Beauty Babble-Beauty Confessions, 2016

I can't resist clearance sales. The deeper, the better.

I can’t resist clearance sales. The deeper, the better.

It’s not so much that I’ve given up blogging so much as I keep losing track of time. I keep meaning to write something, then realizing it’s now Tuesday and what I’m trying to write is last Sunday’s folklore post. Which means, if I was smart, I would draft things when I think of them and set them to autopublish in the future. I mean, if I was smart. I’ve never been very plans-oriented with blogging though.

I doubt there’s anything overly controversial or even exciting on this year’s list. Maybe this will be the year where I can start tracking changes in my personal beauty habits.

-I hate the 2016 Pantone colors

I do. I hate them. I find them to be insanely…young. I hesitate to use the word immature because I know that sounds more judgmental than I intend, but frankly, the pale pink and baby blue remind me of a baby nursery. I don’t want cosmetics that make me look quite that young.

If you’re not sure what I’m referring to-Rose Quartz and Serenity

-I love me some good cosmetics drama

Oh, you didn’t know that cosmetics drama was a thing? Google Lime Crime, find a Reddit link, and give up an afternoon or five wading through it all. It’s so frivolous and so intense. I’m not going to take a stance on the LC debate here, but yeah, it gets heated and I can’t look away.

-My color choices are changing

Sometimes rapidly. Up to about two weeks ago I would have never put pink on my face, but I’ve found that I like heavily saturated, dark pinks for lip colors and rose gold for eyes.

-My favorite make up look is basically no make up at all

One of the looks I keep gravitating to is a heavy red lip and mascara. That’ s it. No foundation. No eyeliner. Nothing but red and black.

-I have discovered micellar water

This is nothing new. I’m not saying anything earth shattering. I have finally given in and tried micellar water-and it does actually work well for me. Do I feel awkward buying a $7 bottle of fancy cleansing water? Yes. Does it work well enough that I’m going to keep buying it? Yes.

-I will buy everything I can in DS sizing

I’m that person that goes to Sephora and Ulta and hits up the DS section first. I prefer that size-the fact that they’re that much cheaper helps, but seriously, I have never panned a lipstick. If I can get a DS for $10 instead of a full sized for $25, then I’m going to do it.

-I’m technically on a low buy

I don’t do well with no buys, so I have a low buy in place for 2016. It’s clunky and complicated and I’m already finding loopholes in the thing, but I am trying to put a cap on my beauty spending.

-I use beer money sites to fund my collection

Beer money sites are those sites that pay you small amounts of cash to take surveys or polls, and you can then cash out for gift cards. I use the cards (normally for Target) to fund the small amount of purchases I am allowed to make. Mainly BBs because I’m currently obsessed with drugstore BBs.


For non-confessional babble: Rite Aid takes Carecredit now. Which is awesome for the end of pay cycle when we run out of TP or something, but it does work for anything in the store except gift cards. The other shopping related news that I didn’t know about but I’m probably lagging on is Sephora will give you your birthday gift ahead of time. I don’t often get to the mall with the stand alone Sephora, so I picked mine up today-months ahead of time.