It hit me earlier this week that if I waited too long to cast on a sweater, it could be years before I actually finish the thing.

I have one on needles that I started for Mid but I keep putting off working on it. I have a sort of quasi-realistic fear for doing so; I’m afraid I didn’t buy enough yarn and I haven’t had a chance to go get more. The dye lot will be different but I’m not above the alternating rows trick. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

Freya has seen some use recently, and I’m starting to put myself center in my life again, as opposed to everyone else and everyone else’s schedules. I don’t want to sound whiney but I’ve spent over a year trying to placate other people and it means that a lot of the stuff that I want to do has been pushed to the side. Anyway, point being, I’m working on spinning the yarn I’m calling Skadi for a sweater.


Mid was out of town earlier this week and the urge to cast on a sweater was pretty overwhelming. I knew I wanted it oversized (at least, I would be okay with it being big) and sort of boxy, like a man’s sweater. And I wanted it to have cables.

I found the Balder pattern which I feel like is a good fit against what I had in my head. I’m knitting the men’s small (which I hope will fit, I’m hoping my math didn’t come out wonky).

My only main issue isn’t with the pattern. I’m alternating commercial and handspun, and the commercial I’m knitting with is definitely not a heavy worsted/knit on size 7 like the ball band suggests. Whenever I switch over to the commercial there’s a definite gauge difference and a loose row. The upside being is that it has happened so frequently it’s now a design element.