operation rhinebeck sweater: day 1

i had been trying to knit a black cabled cardigan since the fourth of july. the sweater’s gorgeous, but the pattern was so badly written that it had to be completely re-released, and since i had been stupid enough to try it over black super saver it was literally a no go.

my black cardigan is literally falling apart from being worn so often, and rhinebeck is in a week anyway (the gates of hell will not spring open if someone sets foot on the duchess county fairgrounds in acrylic. i swear.).

so i tore the thing out today and just designed a pattern myself. i can’t find anything i like in the rav database, i have like six skeins of black red heart, and a copy of knitting over the edge (actually i have knitting on the edge and knitting over the edge).

i’m going to call it the one week to rhinebeck cardigan.

operation rhinebeck sweater: day 1.

i actually managed to get a fair amount of the sweater knit today. i wanted to do a 5″ ribbing on the bottom of the sweater, but decided that since i’m using a cabled ribbing (it’s nicky epstein’s twin cable rib from knitting on the edge) 3″ would be adequate and would probably work better for a cardigan. however, i’m probably going to use a cabled rib on a pullover with a much deeper depth to it later this winter because it’s a sweater image that i can’t get out of my head now.

i got about 7″ of stockinette stitch done on the back.

that’s the boring part.

the more interesting part was the hour that i spent scrambling trying to remember how the hell to draft a sweater pattern. i haven’t done it in 4 years, and while i remember the joys of The Lucky Sweater ™ and therefore know i can draft a sweater pattern to fit me, i can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it this time around.

i think that i have the majority of it figured out, however. the current issue is that i didn’t take the neckline shaping into account while i was frantically searching for sweater patterns to make some sort of franksteinian monster of a raglan pattern?

have i further mentioned that i have no idea what size the damn thing is going to turn out to be since i didn’t check gauge and figured that i’m not that much bigger than i was since the last sweater i knit (though slightly bigger, i must get off the junk food. seriously.) and since i knit fairly loose i just cast on and went.