Powdered Coffee Creamer

It’s been one of those years where I look up and it’s early May. It’s not inherently a problem. However it is reminding me of that folk statement about time moving faster as you age.

I’m 32. I don’t want to think I’m at that point where I’m losing months.

I’ve been fighting this monster and am too stubborn to give up.

Dyngus Day has come and gone.

It’s iced coffee season again and I keep throwing money away on liquid creamer I forget to put back in the fridge. Powdered doesn’t need to be cold.

This is basically flavored powdered milk. I do use S.wagbucks to food prep via Amazon and order full fat powder. I don’t know where I grabbed this from, I did drop the added fat.

Powdered Creamer

1 cup dry milk

Spices- favored, I used pumpkin spice and turmeric

2 or 3 packets stevia
I put everything  [a tablespoon or so or spice and maybe half a teaspoon of turmeric] in a jar and shake hard. I reshape before use. I don’t miss the mouth feel of the extra fat, but I also use the full fat powder.


Homemade Coffee Creamer

creamerupdateThe ginger beer is completely unrelated. Busy season sometimes does odd things to my thought process; I just like the bottle.

This is an updated photo for a recipe posted in 2011. It’s still a happily simple project-which is about what I have energy for this week.

1 cup milk

1 can sweetened condensed milk

2+ teaspoons extracts, flavorings, spices, etc

Over medium low heat combine milks. Allow to heat to just before simmering; pull from heat and add extracts.

Cool slightly, and bottle. Keep in fridge.

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Chai Coffee Creamer

I’m serious about my refusal to give up coffee.

I’ve cut way back on how much I drink and I make my coffee concentrate with half caff now. But I still drink it. Coffee’s part of my morning routine that helps ground me before I have to face reality.

I have also switched to almond milk in my coffee. The DASH Diet involves a lot of nuts, and this is one of the ways I’ve found to get some more into my diet.

You can make this coffee creamer with dairy if you would like. You can also use white or raw sugar in place of the honey; up the sugar to 1 cup if you do so (or to taste). If you don’t have a loose leaf chai, use 4-6 chai bags.

Modified from here

2 cups vanilla reduced sugar almond milk

1/3 cup honey

loose leaf chai-I used Adagio’s Aries blend

Overstuff a tea infuser or a tea bag-use more than you would normally for a pot. Set aside.

Over medium heat bring milk to just before boiling.

Lower heat and infuse tea into the milk for at least 8 minutes.

Remove tea and discard. Add honey to milk and raise heat, stirring to incorporate honey. Once the milk comes back to almost boiling, pull from heat and let cool to room temperature.

Place in fridge in a covered container.

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