day 10

great fiber no buy: day 10-accomplishment

happy belated thanksgiving to my american readers! we somehow ended up with 5 invites to dinner, as well as the normal nonsense that goes into my holidays (i’m fairly certain my full name is fluffy drama shaw). but it was a good day, for the most part.

i managed to finish mid’s socks yesterday while at a dinner. the weird thing is, the pattern is fairly straightforward (they’re an easy knit), they’re fairly attractive, and they’re a fairly fast knit- but my project makes #3 on ravelry, including the design project. i don’t get it. they’re not going to be my fallback sock pattern but they fit mid well, and he LOVES them.

he in fact loves them so much that he has demanded 11 more pairs (because his socks come in bags of 12).

i’m going to be knitting awhile.