day 8

great fiber no buy: day 8- vacation

day 2 in the life of a sock

here’s another blurry camera pic of the second sock. i actually managed to get a fair bit of it knit yesterday. i’m actually quite surprised how much i got done, this one is going a lot faster than the first.


i got hired into a permanent position with my firm at the end of august. i had been working as a long term temp for about a year, and there was a chance to go temp-to-perm this summer. one of the perks of working for the multinational that i work for is a rather healthy amount of vacation time, of which we are expected to take as much as possible by the end of the year. i was then faced with (the rather envious, i suppose) the problem of finding ways of using up the four days i had to take by the end of december.

i took today off on a whim. i don’t travel for thanksgiving, and i don’t need black friday for anything other than wanting a long weekend. i took a shot on today and got it.

and well, frankly, i needed the day off. there’s been a rather intense tension pain going on between my shoulder blades for about a month now, and i’m just about burned out on life in general.

so today has been a rather laid back day in general. i slept late, worked on the sock, ran some errands, and have started cleaning my room (my room, it’s horrible. it’s something out of resident evil. i expect to find zombies hiding in the corners when i move something).

be good to yourself, readers. this is the beginning of what can be one of the most stressful times of year for a lot of people.