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2013 Gratitude List


Each year on American Thanksgiving, I post a list of the first 50 things that I’m grateful for, from the past year. Not all of them are terribly serious-and they really shouldn’t be. There’s no actual ranking to any of it. I don’t love canned pumpkin over my health, I guess is what I’m saying.

The only ‘rule’ is that you don’t look at past year’s entries prior to writing this year’s. It’s interesting to see what changes from year to year. This year is probably less in-depth than the past couple of years. This was a rough year, and some of these things cross into that deep, dark area known as ‘a blogger’s private life.’

1. Canned pumpkin

2. coffee

3. health

4. peace

5. healing

6. closure

7. blood kin

8. chosen kin

9. spirituality

10. growth

11. challenges that help grow

12. knitting

13. pound dogs

14. new skills

15. a walkable neighborhood

16. old friends

17. new friends

18. stand mixers

19. dawn dish soap

20. blogging

21. people who read blogs

22. Mid

23. education

24. affordable groceries

25. growing awareness

26. new discoveries

27. technologies

28. clean water

29. casual games

30. deeper understanding

31. sleep

32. affordable urgent care centers

33. support bases

34. social media

35. books

36. Kindles

37. radiators

38. cooking

39. dance

40. living in a fairly safe neighborhood

41. stabililty

42. public transportation

43. sturdy boots

44. flannel lined jeans

45. discovering my past

46. new plans

47. discovering a sense of self

48. apple trees

49. clear travel mugs

50. self respect

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2012 Thanks List

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Continuing last year’s tradition…

1. Rain- it was such a dry year last year, having a damp September and October didn’t bother me at all

2. Grace, and the experiences to help me develop it

3. Perspective

4. My faith-took a beating this year and came out stronger for it

5. Mid- I don’t know what I would do without him. He is my other, more solid half

6.Opportunity-both mine and Mid’s

7. Family

8. The family we choose- chosen family is what got me through this year (in large part)

9. Stability

10. Heat-my landlords are being much more consistent with heating this fall

11. Laughter

12. Experience

13. My car holding up another year

14. My money situation being that much more stable this year.

15. Talents and skills, and the opportunities to expand those

16. My housing, and the neighborhood I live in

17. My job

18. Healthcare-there’s been multiple health scares in my family this year, and being able to address them is a blessing

19. Small comforts

20. Price Rite and Aldis-it always sounds so shallow, but being able to feed us for less is such a weight off of my mind

21. Learning new skills- canning both helps us save money and I just find it enjoyable

22. My blog readers-my readership has about tripled this year and I’m grateful for everyone who reads this blog!

23. hope

24. The bus system-as flawed as it is

25. Education-not just the formal, in the classroom kind

26. Growing maturity

27. Friendship

28. Dance

29. safety

30. Jorge

31. Politics-as much as I dislike national politics, the ability to have involvement is a blessing that I’m not sure is as appreciated as it should be

32. Books

33. Glasses-getting new glasses in February made me realize this is something that I need to stay on top of more frequently

34. coffee

35. hobbies

36. yarn

37. vitamin D-last year I was grateful for tofu. This year, vitamin d is helping with my SAD.

38. water

39. new paths

40. teaching

41. my spindles

42. humility-as much as I struggle with it

43. a support network

44. another year without having to worry about necessities like food, water, housing, and heat

45. that those I love haven’t had to worry about the same.

46. That many of those I love have found themselves to be in much better places than they were at the start of this year (that saying are you better off now? seems to be answered with ‘yes’ for most people I know).

47. Generosity

48. Veterans

49. nature

50. social media-90% of my friends aren’t local anymore and being able to communicate with them easily is a gift.