22. Hold Mabon


I have no idea how to even go about describing what happened for Mabon this year.

At least, not in a way that the majority of my readers would understand and I’m not even sure that the people who have experience in the situation/skill set would get it either. But it involves a drum circle, an oak tree, and Baba Yaga’s hut.

I normally start to work with Baba in fall and winter, so her reappearance nearish the first day of fall isn’t terribly uncommon. One of her motifs is spinning [think the spinning that a person would do during ecstatic dance], and she has the infamous chicken legged hut. I have never however experienced the spinning hut myself prior to tonight and it will be interesting to see how this plays out-I don’t know what this means. It didn’t run away or get aggressive so I suppose I have that in my favor. Listen, we’re talking about a folkloric symbol that can carry itself around on chicken legs, I don’t think the fact that a house can get defensive is truly the oddest aspect of this story.

As for the mundane side of Mabon we went to the park for drum circle. Mid is trying hard to make sure I have down time that doesn’t involve looking for roaches, packing, unpacking, cleaning, and wondering if the movement I’m catching out of the corner of my eye is a roach [I have come to realize that I am getting a lot of allergy related floaters, which are slowly driving me insane, like something out of a Poe story]. I did do better with the drum circle than I did with the concert last month. I sat under an oak tree and just was for awhile.

I will do my traditional bread later this week, or next weekend, schedule permitting. Same with applesauce and my normal Mabon/fall foods, it will have to be fit in with the rest of my tight schedule. Everything has to be done by the 30th so while I’m a little frightened that I’m running out of time I also know there’s a definitive end point.


Apples of Opportunity

This weekend past was Heartsong, which is one of my favorite festivals of the year.

The campground that holds it was an apple orchard at one point of its history and there’s dozens of old growth trees dotting the property. This time of year, the trees are so heavy with fruit that they’re just spilling all over the place and rotting. The bees buzz around like they’re drunk.

In between events I asked if I could pick a couple of bags of apples. I spent part of the afternoon wandering the property, weaving in and out of trees and chasing away the weirdly half-drunk bees.

I will probably be processing apples for a week-but I’m looking forward to a winter of apple sauce and butter.

Also, I’m mildly obsessed with cyser which is unfortunate. I’m not sure you can get it readily as a commercial product.

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