Medieval Chickens



I have a weird relationship with both time and thyme. Both disappear on me, and show up in my life in odd patterns, and as much as I love both I end up with a stockpile lost into nothingness. I own something like four packages of thyme in my kitchen somewhere.

How many did I find when I went to make this?

One. I found one. Stuck in some mail.

Don’t ask me to explain this, because I don’t have an answer.

I bake a chicken every Monday night now, at least until it gets too hot to want to run the oven that long. I throw the carcass in the freezer and make bone broth, and we eat off of the bird for a couple of days. I normally cook it plain but I found this on an ahem secret Facebook group. And I love thyme.

…So, if you posted this recipe, credit to you, you know who you are.

[Actually] Medieval Chicken

**I have been told that it actually is a medieval era recipe. The original was written for leg quarters but I roasted a whole chicken. I also didn’t measure since I sort of changed this to a rub

1 roasting chicken

Black Pepper


Dried Garlic


Olive oil

*Follow your favored roasting instructions, I normally go for about an hour and a half at 350 in a bag

Rub chicken with herbs and oil, and bake. It might bake up dark, and that’s fine [accurate to time period, apparently]


Cold Season Chicken (Chili Yogurt Baked Chicken)


I’m facing my normal fall cold.

This one is nasty-the symptoms aren’t terrible, the congestion and whatnot is lower than normal. But I have a low level migraine that’s making my teeth flare and I can’t work up the energy to actually do anything.

I normally burn out colds (it’s superstitious, but I still do it, every time) and I can only shove Mid out the door and tell him to fend for himself so many times.

This recipe is a mishmash of several, the result of what was in my kitchen. It’s adjustable that way-the only thing I would probably add is slightly more acid in there somewhere. Maybe a splash of fire cider?

If the sauce comes out too thick, add a little stock, fire cider, or a little more soy sauce.

Chili Yogurt Baked Chicken

1-2 chicken breasts

1 small tub greek yogurt. Confession-I used low sugar vanilla. Because I had it and this recipe is potent enough that the vanilla won’t clash. Use plain, preferrably, however.

1 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp ground tumeric

1 tsp black pepper

a couple of teaspoons chili oil

1 tblsp or so ketchup

1 tblsp or so tomato paste

1 tsp or so Chinese five spice

2 tblsp or so each oyster sauce and soy sauce

1-2 onions, chopped

Any other vegetables for roasting

Preheat oven to 325

Place chicken and vegetables in pan

Mix sauce, rub onto chicken

Bake until chicken juice runs clear, about 20-30 minutes for the lower temperature.

Harvest Sausage


This was a happy accidental meal. Or maybe an off road meal, where I threw things in a pot and let it do its thing, while hoping it worked.

Mid is now a floater. He’s steadily increasing in responsibility, and now has two stores he’s available for. The second store uses him for coverage.

It amounted to 15 hours of coverage today.

I needed a meal that I could set, forget, have it be edible when he got home, was a heavy protein hit to make up for that 15 hours of work, and wasn’t going to be too too expensive the night before pay day.

I do recommend ‘decent’ ingredients for this, since it’s so simple-but it will still probably work out to be cheaper than fast food, even, for a full meal. Serve it with a starchy grain or fried potatoes.

Harvest Sausage

*I let mine come to a simmer over medium heat and then lowered to medium low for about an hour, flipping the sausage over once halfway through. You could probably raise the heat and cut the cooking time down.

1 good sized, decent quality Polish sausage. I used the fresh sausage from Wegmans, it’s generally pretty good.

1 can ale/light (as opposed to dark) beer

1 cup applesauce

Bring sausage, ale, and applesauce to a simmer and let cook down for about an hour.

Seriously. That simple, but the flavors from the beer and the applesauce do amazing things to the sausage.

a chicken in every pot

i still don’t have my camera, and between work and moving i really haven’t had time to be doing much fiber related stuff anyway. the alpaca has been sitting in my living room calling my name though so i’m probably going to break down and spin soon. once i grab my camera i do want to show off my (vaguely creepy) new drying space, because i’m unduly overexcited over the whole thing.

you know, i really can’t complain. for money being as tight as it has been around here, i have plenty of food and access to lots of fairly good quality cheap food. i live within walking distance of an aldis, a tops, and a price rite. i don’t like the tops though so i don’t really shop there, but i do stop at wegmans on my way home from work rather frequently. anyway, i have absolutely fallen in love with my price rite. they a good sized meat section with staple cuts like chicken breasts and thighs. it won’t replace my love of the meat counter at niagra county produce, but they tend to mark down cuts by 25% fairly frequently.

i go and pick up milk 2 or 3 times a week (we go through milk in this household like no one’s business which really makes no sense since neither mid nor i can really handle dairy…) and on my last trip they had roasting chicken for under $3 with the 25% discount. i know that some people get nervous with marked down meats (meat generally gets marked down like that when it’s coming up on its to-sell date, but i worked in a grocery store for years and have it on good authority that the meat doesn’t go bad the minute it hits that date, just freeze it or use it as soon as possible, and it’s much much cheaper to boot) but i have no qualms.

i found a lemon garlic recipe on ehow that looked interesting, and i had everything it called for outside of some root vegetables and herbs de provence. a trip to wegmans last night got me the vegetables (i can’t wait till produce season to get stuff from my dad’s garden and the farmer’s markets, the price on parsnips just hurt but it’s a vegetable mid eats and there’s not many of those) but skipped the herbs. i couldn’t justify $5 for a bottle, they were out of their cheaper blend, and this is the first recipe in 4 years of cooking that required it. i just went with some general saltless seasoning and some chili powder mixed into some butter¬† and lemon juice then stuffed under the skin.

of course we eat the skin in this household. it tastes good and you don’t waste things ;).

the current plan for this chicken is lunch (obviously), then sandwiches for the week. if there’s chicken left by saturday i’ll make a pot pie then make stock out of the carcass. i’m about halfway through the vegetable stock from last weekend.¬† i’ll make a cream of roasted vegetable soup for my lunches this week tomorrow with whatever vegetables are left.