Skadi-California Red

california red

Wiki doesn’t have a photo of the California Reds, but here’s the link.

I’ve actually had this batch finished for months, just hanging out on the skeining ball. But the ceiling flooded in our bathroom again, so instead of doing OT I’m at home cleaning and decided to get Freya out again-which means there’s no time like the present to get working on Skadi.

Skadi [ Second Batch, California Red]

ply: n-ply

wpi: 11.5

yardage: 150 across 3 skeins

dye: n/a, natural

purchase: Etsy-Apple Rose Fibers

Project totals: 393 yards, 10.75 wpi

I am completely unfamiliar with California Red. My feelings are this: it was a dream to spin up. I don’t know how I feel about the fiber once it’s spun. The squishiness of it makes me want to spin it again, but it is flecked with darker hairs that make it look sort of grungy to me. I think it would be a beautiful base yarn for blues or greens though.

I’m looking forward to knitting this batch.

Next batch is mixed left over fiber batts and roving.



Remember this attractive fellow?

photo by David Merrett

photo by David Merrett

One of this brethren spun up something like this:



Skadi [First Batch, Jacob]

ply: n-ply

wpi: 10

yardage: 243 across 5 skeins

dye: n/a, natural

purchase: Rhinebeck, in person

The fiber was split into two bags. The first bag was less compacted, but the second ironically spun up more evenly.

Jacob is both a primitive and relatively rare breed. I did enjoy this spin, and would spin Jacob again. It’s not a top fiber, it’s not a favorite, but it was pleasant enough.

The fiber looked and felt clean-until I did the clean up. My wheel looks like it snowed and the wash water when I set the twist was fairly dark. The roving wasn’t fully stripped and that may play a part in it.

*I did beat up on the yarn a little in finish to get it to full a little. I washed it without soap to keep that lanolin in it and washed it as hot as the water would come out of the tap. I whacked it against the side of the tub to set the twist.

**I have a lot of varying different shades of natural, so I’m skeining Skadi a lot smaller than normal to make alternating skeins a little quicker/easier.

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