Steel and Father

steel and father

I still can’t photograph hats for finished knitting projects when by myself…and Mid is rarely around (or willing…or, oddly, capable of producing the types of shots that I want without me devolving into a borderline tantrum. Me: take a photo of the hat. Mid: Okay. Me, going home and looking at the camera:…why are all these shots from like 15 feet away. Mid: I did what you asked. I took a photo of you wearing a hat. Me:…I’m going to stick with my terrible only half a hat at a time and never the back of the hat selfies).

I want you to know that I endangered myself for this hat.

I almost fell off of the step trying to get photos. Because I’m just that graceful.

I am in fact capable of knitting things other than socks, hats, or scarves. But most of my knitting time is on the bus and I’m not going to try to work an armhole on the bus. Maybe on the train…but not on the NFTA. So most of my projects turn into simple things that I don’t really need to have he pattern out for.

This hat was supposed to be for sale or trade, or at the very least, for donation-but I should never be allowed to write a hat pattern because I finally just let the lace devolve into chaos lace and do what it wanted at the crown. I’ll wear something like that but I’m not going to ask someone else.

The next hat should go better. It’s just a rib.


There seems to be some great confusion about this Buffalo storm on Facebook…and I’m having people who don’t live in this city kindly trying to teach me about the city I live in when they don’t live here themselves (yes, that was snarky. I’m a snarky person. Bourdain is my hero).

Buffalo is broken down into two major sections: the north towns (or northtowns, one word) and the south towns (or the southtowns, one word)-and a dozen smaller neighborhoods like Kenton, Elmwood Village, University Heights, so on and so forth.

Ironically, Buffalo proper is getting little to no snow. The north towns are getting little to no snow. The south towns are hoping they’ll be melted out by Halloween.

Please…PLEASE…if someone from Buffalo tells you that the south towns are getting snow…please don’t tell them to stop changing the subject by shifting the conversation to towns not related to Buffalo-because it is the Buffalo storm after all.

So if you see someone talking about the south towns getting hit…we are in fact talking about the same storm. Because I’m frankly getting tired of admittedly well meaning people telling me they don’t understand why I’m talking about Cheektowaga when it’s the Buffalo storm. Buffalo isn’t a giant mono-city.

Needles, Life and Leaves

Today I’m feeling lazy. Today I just want to work on blog promotion, drink coffee, and enjoy the quiet.

There’s a lot I should be working on-the apartment purge, the two or three bread recipes I tried this weekend, read one of the massive backlog of horror novels I have-but I’m sitting in the quiet, linking to blog hops, drinking coffee.

So this is partially what the last few days have looked like for me.

socksleaveslazy lacebasket

Bloggers-I have started a new group board on Pinterest. Open to all DIY, craft, food, or other creative blogs, I would love to have you join. Joining instructions are posted on the board-join here.

Please, stop by this week’s Inspired Weekends (Friday)  and  Fall into the Holidays (Tuesdays)

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Meditations on Multicolored Yarn


Bloggers-I have started a new group board on Pinterest. Open to all DIY, craft, food, or other creative blogs, I would love to have you join. Joining instructions are posted on the board-join here.

Please, stop by this week’s Inspired Weekends (Friday)  and  Fall into the Holidays (Tuesdays)

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Gordon Fitzgerald

Edit: I can’t talk about how stressed I’ve been lately without sounding like I’m whining all over the place, but there are reasons that I shouldn’t be allowed to blog after work. Gordon Fitzgerald? Well…close enough. I’m just going to leave it like it is, as a testament of why you shouldn’t blog at 1 AM.

Finally…a finished knit.

Not my best finishing job, but it’s finished. It’s been sitting on my bench for…months now and I decided I finally wanted to wear the silly thing.

It’s just a general, basic hat-I’m not sure I can even tell you want pattern at this point. I did knit it flat.

It’s a cotton blend from Plymouth, and for whatever reason the colors reminded me of Gordon Lightfoot.

*All my hats are knit slightly large to get over the bun of my under scarf-that black thing in the photos.

**The photos are slightly overexposed but the colors are truer that way. Also, I’m still horrible at photographing hats on myself.


I have a tendency to get too stuck in the present.

Which is a horrible place to be.

One of my life mantras is that things are rarely as bad as they seem right now. Some of them are, admittedly. Most of them aren’t.

Life right now is a whirlwind of habit with a dash of stress thrown in for variety. My apartment needs a deep cleaning desperately but my days are the same pattern of laundry, walk to errands, go to work. Don’t get enough sleep, don’t breathe, nothing but laundry, errands, and work. It slowly kills the soul which is the worst of it.

One of the best ways for me to kick out of the brain melting routine is to start paying attention to what the world actually looks like-photography in autumn is awesome for that. They don’t have to be perfect. Just what the world actually looks like.

-Radio Silence-

I went down the rabbit hole.

May was a very busy month for me, in real life outside of the blog. I decided that instead of fighting for time in my already full schedule for blogging, to just roll with it. These things ebb and flow. Eventually the blogging will come back at normal speed.

So, what exactly did May entail?

1. Camp

Camp opened the first of May, and we’ve already made some decisions regarding this season. Mid will be at festival for two weeks, I’ll be down for one, and we’re going to try truck camping in our Ram this season to save some money versus buying a new camping trailer.


2. Health

We had to switch my meds. I’m currently wearing a compression sock every day. My blood pressure was getting too iffy and my doctors were clashing about what I was supposed to do about that. So we’re trying a new med and seeing what effect that has. I’ve been exercising, a lot, and in some ways feel much better and in others I feel iffy to worse. I’ve also managed to give myself a fairly good sunburn already.


3. Parks

We’ve been going park crazy. Buffalo is full of parks, there’s parks everywhere. We get in the car and just drive. We ended up following some guy with a boat to a marina with a real (sand) beach where Mid played with his new camera lens and I chased fish around. This has become our dry Sunday routine. Get in the truck and see where we end up.


4. Tourism

There’s a ton of stuff in Buffalo that I’ve never done, because of that whole don’t be a tourist in your own city thing. I’m starting to work down my list of places I’ve never been to. My parents came out before Memorial Day, so we hit a lot of the places that I’ve not been to yet.


5. Weddings

My friends throw cool weddings. Be jealous. I don’t like normal weddings, I think they’re boring. Our wedding isn’t going to be normal or boring. I know that means I should give up my girl card but there it is. True confessions of the horror blogger. We went to a gaming themed wedding reception where we all sat around eating pizza, drinking beer, playing board games, and watching Labyrinth. Much better.


6. Funerals

Not so awesome, and the source of the sun burn. We lost a lot of people from our tribe this winter, and we’re working through the memorial services. Our services tend to run long, and involved, and out doors. We do a lot of eating.

7. Fiber

So much fiber. I had Mid get out Freya for me and I’ve finally been taking that whole stash busting thing to heart.

I will be telling you how to make this tomorrow:


8. Estate Sales

We have a strange love of estate sales. I got this for less than a dollar.