So I’m spinning all this yarn. I need to know what I’m spinning for, so I don’t spin all winter and end up with three times the wool I actually need.

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copywrite, Berroco

c, Berroco


Solaris, Berroco

I like that this one is fairly sleek, the pattern stitch is fairly low key, and there’s no button band to worry about. It’s nice for a work sweater, but I’m concerned about drape with the way that Skadi is spinning up.

Copywrite, Drops

c, Drops

114-2 jumper with cables and raglan sleeves in ”Karisma” by DROPS design

I don’t necessarily want to deal with the floppiness of a sweater on circulars while I’m knitting, and I think the heavier bits of the yarn will be too heavy on a size 6. But I like the yoke pattern.

c, Patons
c, Patons

Cabled Yoke Pullover by Patons

I really like the yoke on this one, but again with the knitting in the round.

c, Lion Brand

c, Lion Brand

Shaped Cable Top by Lion Brand

I really like this one, the construction is simple enough I could change the bottom band and readjust gauge. The only thing I would change right off the top would be lengthen the sleeves, but that’s simple enough.

c, Lion Brand
c, Lion Brand

Aran Sweater and Tam #1101 by Lion Brand Yarn

It’s been a long time (well over a decade) since I knit a sweater this heavily cabled. But if I could do it in high school, there’s no reason I couldn’t do it now.

c, Imperial Yarns

c, Imperial Yarns

Winter Games Pullover, by Tanis Gray

I like this one. I would just knit the sleeves plain.

Tour De Fleece 2012

I’m so excited for tour de fleece this year.

I really don’t know why.

I mean, I had fun and all last year but I also am just now finishing up some of the projects that I had going for the last tour.

at least i’m nearing the halfway point on ripley…

I do, however, have 3 projects set up for this year (or I do in theory).

Currently, this is my plan-

Big Project- Minos

I have this brown fleece that I need to get processed out. My current plan is to card up as much as possible, spin a heavy-ish single, and chain ply it for a worsted weight-ish yarn. It’ll be my normal semi-woolen spinning style.

I know it sort of sounds like I’m in a chain ply rut but here’s the thing. The tour runs in the middle of camping season. I don’t want to chase after multiple different ply balls if all I have to do is spin a ton of singles and then work off of one ply ball.

Medium project

Fractal spin one of my painted rovings. I have two braids that I want to fractal spin. I’m thinking of the cool toned one for a shawl. (I may have gotten a jump start on this, admittedly, but I have 3 options for a fractal spin right now if I finish that one ahead of time.)

Small project

Finish something. Get ‘something’ off of my spindle. I don’t really care which one, because it’ll probably depend on what I even have going at that point.

6 months ago- Nomads

Getting to be that time of the year

Got Friends? christmash/holiday card swap is now taking sign ups!

I’m running it this year. I’m both looking forward to it and apprehensive. This is an easy swap but I’m always afraid I’m going to botch the swap.

I’m also not sure what I think about the fact that it’s late enough to even be thinking about this stuff yet…

…but that said, I picked the 15th as my unofficial start to the holiday season! i’m thinking of asking mid to put the lights on the tree for me this weekend so I can work on getting it decorated.

The 15th was also the day that I set aside for the start of 2011’s yarn diet. So…here I go! No more new yarn except for charity, commissions, and gifts until after the first of the year. My stash is a lot larger this year so it shouldn’t be as much as a struggle this time around.

this is meant to be. i’m telling you.

picture from toplyfiberarts

*i haven’t been posting food waste friday entries because i haven’t been cleaning out the fridge. i wish that meant that i had no food waste…no, i just haven’t been cleaning out the fridge. i really need to do that. along with getting all the clothes put away, pick up the living room, clean my kitchen counters and sort out yarn.

i would like to say that i was bad and that i feel guilty. except that i don’t think that i am and i don’t. see that glorious ball of fluff? it’s now mine.

mine mine mine.

i started looking at fibers for my inferno shawl. i really want to be able to get as much spun as fast as possible so i’m buying some fiber with each paycheck, if possible.  it’s kettle dyed polworth called phoenix from toplyfiberarts. i was going to get fiber from slimchicken again but i really fell in love with that one, and it was only a couple of dollars more expensive for slightly more fiber.

i was talking about this on cpaag last night, and it turns out the designer of the pattern i want to use is on the group. it also turns out that the pattern is called scrample but that’s neither here nor there. anyway she’s really excited about the thought of this project. i’m getting really pumped up for this.

only YOU would do a horror shawl.

should i tell mid about the horror knits group on ravelry? should i tell him it was one of the first groups i joined?

with an unexpected stretch of free time (lunch took less time than i thought) yesterday i started dyeing for my inferno shawl.

i ended up doing four batches. over my medium natural fleece i did:

– 1 packet of strawberry and 1 packet of orange (dark orange red)

– 1 packet of orange and 1 of lemonade (sort of a splotchy yellow orange with a lot of natural showthrough)

– 1 packet of lemon lime and 2 packages of orange (darker orange rust with showthrough)

– something the mccormick box calls spiced cider- 6 drops orange and 1 drop black (sort of a rusty orange).

i’m fighting with this black. i dyed a batch of yarn for clarity on sunday with that black that came out more rust than purple.

i may overdye the yarn with a solid orange again once i get it spun up, if it ends up not being bright enough. i was going to dye several yarns out of the fleece for this shawl but i think i want a wider range of textures for it so i’ll probably grab some other rovings from different places.

if the light was better i would take some pics of this batch but it’s not. maybe this weekend.

here’s a thematically appropriate pic from morguefile instead:

great fiber no buy: day 20: the future’s so bright…

…i have to wear socks.

i have a thing for ugly things. i’m a fan of the ugliest finished object thread on ravelry. i’m the one that’s attracted to really horrific colorways. i like clown barf yarn. i like to seek out really ugly things. extra points if it’s really bright ugliness.

i’m not a really big fan of wearing bright, warm colors, except in small projects (i really love my rainbow poo mittens– named for the prize that you get in neopets). it’s not something that i try to push on anyone else, either.

so when mid announced his 11 pairs of sock challenge, i realized that i was going to have start buying sock yarn at every paycheck, essentially.

i had to work black friday, but mid had it off. i work a modified second shift, so we had time to do some shopping. after we discovered that michael’s had no yarn on sale (who came up with that bright idea?) we went to have ewe any wool? on main street near harlem. mid likes the tobacco store next door (he’s given up cigarrettes but i think i’m going to have to pry his pipe out of his cold dead hands), and i like the sock yarn selection there.

anyway, i was trying to pick out men-approved sock yarn and stuck on more navy blue or going with brown.

when he came up with this:

trust me...the camera pics aren't doing this thing any justice.

i’ve started refering to them as the starburst socks, because that’s all that i think of when i look at them. they’re literally wince inducing under florescent lights. they were driving my eyes nuts while i was working on them at work on friday.

and yes that would be signs that i had the wonder that is mighty taco on saturday:

it's a buffalo thing. but it should be an everywhere thing.

great fiber no buy: day 18- respect


Mid bought me an early christmas/yule present on sunday. i’m quite happy.

i’ve been looking for a copy of respect the spindle for about 6 months now. it’s one of the better books on the market that’s purely spindle spinning. most spinning books will cover the extreme basics of spindle spinning- top vs low whorl, how to do very basic drafting, mention the difference between a worsted and a woolen spin. it’ll amount to about a chapter’s worth of info, and you have to sort of guess your way through the rest, and go online (or take a class) and hope that you can find someone who can sort it out for you.

respect goes a lot deeper, and for someone who’s been self-taught and doesn’t have steady access to other spindlers, it’s been a godsend. in 3 minutes i figured out the difference between worsted and woolen yarns. i got the basic gist- it has to do with the amount of air allowed into the single while you’re spinning but that was about it. every explanation i got from very well meaning individuals on ravelry amounted to, you let more air in for woolen and smoosh it out for worsted (i think. i may have that backwards). anway, respect has some really clear pictures including pictures of the drafting triangle for both worsted and woolen that finally cleared up the difference for me- it has to do with how you form your triangle that allows air in, or doesn’t allow it in as the case may be.

for whatever reason i couldn’t find this book anywhere including my normal go to online sources. i could have purchased straight from interweaves but the shipping seemed high at the time that i looked. i finally found a copy at the indie bookstore on elmwood. i’m quite pleased.

photographing one's feet can get a little akward.

i finished the scrap socks yesterday. the people that have seen them in person seem to react favorably to them. i don’t think they’re attractive, at all. but they’re scrap socks, and while i do favor certain sock yarns i’m not one of those people that have to have cute/pretty/attractive socks…i mean, it’s a sock. they fit better than i feared but i defintely move up at least a size for this pattern, or even mod the pattern for slightly bigger than that.

current stash count: i haven’t been spinning so nothing was added to the stash this week. i used 1 skein for the scrap socks, and i’m giving someone a skein to learn to knit with today which brings me to a difference of postive 2 balls (i used 3, bought 1 for mid’s next pair of socks) that i can buy.

great fiber no buy: day 10-accomplishment

happy belated thanksgiving to my american readers! we somehow ended up with 5 invites to dinner, as well as the normal nonsense that goes into my holidays (i’m fairly certain my full name is fluffy drama shaw). but it was a good day, for the most part.

i managed to finish mid’s socks yesterday while at a dinner. the weird thing is, the pattern is fairly straightforward (they’re an easy knit), they’re fairly attractive, and they’re a fairly fast knit- but my project makes #3 on ravelry, including the design project. i don’t get it. they’re not going to be my fallback sock pattern but they fit mid well, and he LOVES them.

he in fact loves them so much that he has demanded 11 more pairs (because his socks come in bags of 12).

i’m going to be knitting awhile.