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Haunted Western New York- The White Lady of Durand-Eastman Park (Rochester)


The detailing of Rochester’s white lady intrigues me- it’s both a horribly vague story, and one with very specific detailing.

The ghost is rumoured to haunt Durand-Eastman Park, near the Rochester-Irondequoit border. The legend states that one night the white lady’s daughter went missing and she began to search the area along with her two german shepards. By the end of the night it became apparent that her daughter was lost and in her grief she threw herself into Lake Ontario. Since that time, the white lady haunts the park where she searched.

The cause of her daughter’s disappearance varies from variation to variation; the reasoning ranges from rape and murder to simply having vanished with a strange man. Whatever the reasoning, the legend states that a man was the primary motivation-which the ghost seems aware of because the legend states that this white lady and her dogs has been known to attack men.

There’s two things that I find intriguing about this story: the dogs and the attacks. First, while ghost dogs are a fairly common element, it’s not all that common to hear about ghost animals as part of a wider haunting. Ghost animals tend to be a stand-alone element (my house has a ghost cat, I saw a demon dog with red eyes on the road, that sort of thing). Second, it’s not common to find a violent white lady. They may be a fairly sentient haunting in that they do seem to react to the environment, but aren’t normally aggressive.

Edit 5/1/2016, to address the dogs questioned in the comments:

It has been a few years since I posted this entry [though I am surprised that I have it up without sources], but here is a fuller version of the story involving the dogs. I’m not claiming that it’s the ‘real’ version, but that it does pre-date this entry: http://weirdus.com/states/new_york/local_legends/white_lady_castle/index.php