The Elizaville Monster

I have a Pinterest board (a group board, by the way, you can join it if you want-just leave me a comment!) that I use for ideas for this blog. If you search for ‘Hauntings, Folklore, and the Macabre’ you’ll be able to see my thought process behind the creepy content, at least.

This entry wasn’t one of those topics, but it came from a topic that was posted there-I use that board for inspiration and springboarding when I don’t have any idea what to write. I still haven’t figured out a work around for running out of time though, hence why I missed yet another round of Haunted Western New York last week.


There is a small town in Indiana with an odd habit of making people disappear. It is claimed that Elizaville, Indiana is home to a creature that is helping with this trend-the originally named Elizaville Monster.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on here. The Monster is described as being a seven foot tall man-shaped shadow that wanders throughout the town. He sounds like a combination of a shadow-man and a cryptoid. Actually what he sounds like is a proto-Slenderman. The legend is also a little vague; a lot of the discussion around the Monster just claims that he exists. However after some digging it turns out that he’s almost a boogeyman- if you scream during a certain time of night, he’ll hunt you down and eat you.

Actually with the research that I did (which is admittedly pretty shallow) it seems like this is a pretty Slendy story. Someone give the Monster a fedora! It’s hard to tell how many people disappeared, when, if they disappeared at night…as in, it’s hard to tell how old this legend even is. As it is, if anyone has any more information that this, I’d like to hear it.

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