Month: March 2013

Sunday Legends-Just Wait


Perhaps originating in West Virginia, this is story has several variations. Many people will be familiar with this story from the Scary Stories series, where the traveler is scared off by Martin.

So a preacher was riding through bad weather. He was on a schedule; perhaps he needed to give a sermon or preside over a funeral. Whatever the reason, he was trying to make the most distance he could before the weather made him stop.

However, since he had to get somewhere and this being the nature of the universe the weather got so bad that he had to stop-and stop soon. He found himself riding passed a long drive. Deciding to take his chances he turned his horse down the drive and found himself in front of a large house, obviously abandoned and in shambles. The roof looked sturdy and there was even a building to leave his horse in overnight; he decided to stay.

The preacher muttered to himself, “Well, the Lord will provide even if we don’t like the answer” and shouldered his way into the front hall. Finding living room complete with a fireplace-and even some wood-he wondered if his prayers hadn’t in fact been answered. So he built a small fire and by the light of the flames and the passing storm he settled in to read his Bible.

Eventually a large black cat sauntered into the room. Pastor was startled but then laughed at himself-he couldn’t be the only one in need of shelter.

“Good night, Mr. Cat”, he said.

The cat looked at him levelly and said in return, “Just wait until Emmet comes.”

Even more nervous than before, Pastor said, “Well, the Lord will provide even if we don’t like the answer.”

Soon after the first cat appeared, another black cat even sleeker and fatter than the first slid into the room. The two cats sat in the corner of the room. The second said to the first,

“What now?”

The first replied, “Just wait until Emmet comes.”

The preacher tried to go back to his reading but the two cats kept distracting him. A sound made him look up to the door again. At the door was a third black cat, at least as big as the other two put together and with eyes glowing as brightly as the fire in the grate.

“And what should we do with him?” He asked.

“Just wait until Emmet comes”, replied the second.

With that the preacher stood up and slammed his Bible closed with an audible thump.

“Well, I thank you for your hospitality,” he said, “But you’ll have to apologize to Emmet for me when he comes. I have something I forgot to attend to. Good-bye.”

american folklore

End of the Month Meta-March


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-I finished the color association series:

red    orange    yellow     green     blue     purple

-Did you see, I knit Midnight a blanket!

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-My trip to Van Horn last year and my suggestions for scrap knitting both were quite popular this month.

2013 Canning List


What I want to make this season-

-Canned tomatoes-diced or crushed


firestarter (at least 3 batches, in half pints)

apple-pear jam (at least 3 batches, in pints)


-pickled onions

-winter salad pickles (at least 2 batches)

dill pickles (at least 2 batches)

-sweet pickles (at least 2 batches)


orange segments

-dilly beans

-cucumber relish

blueberry peach jam

-blueberry black strap jam

-strawberry jam

strawberry black strap jam

Inspired Weekends #12


So what have you been up to? I finished my first truly large knitting project in years. It feels great!

Inspired Weekends #12

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Midnight’s Flower Garden

I adore this project. I had a blast knitting it, and it’s my favorite thing that I’ve knitted in recent memory.

This is also the most ironic thing that I remember knitting, pretty much ever. One of the things that I love about it is that it reminds me of a garden of flowers with the greens and the random explosions and pooling of colors. Which is almost hilarious, since I knit it for Mid.

The thing that you have to understand about my husband-thing is that he’s a huge goth. Leaning more to the steampunk now, he was high goth prior to when I started being around. Think white pan makeup, black eyeliner and big boots. Most of this was out of his system by the time I came around but the man still applies eyeliner better than I do. So the fact that I ended up knitting him a flower garden amuses me greatly.

I have no idea what yardage is on this one. I can’t even estimate. All of the yarn is scrap or leftovers, and there’s yarn taken from two other projects that were hibernating for years. There’s nothing that can felt in it though there is some Woolease and Vintage in it.

midnight's flower garden blanket


-I love the pattern (the original 10 stitch blanket, found on Ravelry). It’s going to be my default mindless knitting/default blanket pattern from here on out.

-It worked up really fast, though I wish Mid would have given me a better feel for size other than ‘keep knitting’

-I love how it organically pooled in places even without being a true varigated project.


Nothing seriously, really.

-It worked up really fast, though I wish Mid would have given me a better feel for size other than ‘keep knitting’

-I do like the splotches with the true white yarn better than the aran/off white, but I had piles of aran/off white and using true white would have meant buying yarn. I didn’t want to have to buy yarn.

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An Unorthodox Retelling

Persephone Bib0un (Deviantart)

Persephone Bib0un (Deviantart)

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time, off and on for a couple of years now, meditating on the Persephone myth.

If the traditional way the story is told, with Persephone being tricked into eating the seeds works for you-work with the version that makes you happiest and gives you the most connection with that goddess. I just never clicked with her until I gave this some serious thought-and discovered that in a lot of ways my version of the story works with the classical image of a goddess so terrifiying that a lot of people just called her the Maiden.

This is my understanding of the myth-

Persephone was young, and unmarried, much to do with the intercession of her mother Demeter. Several gods had already come courting her but Demeter refused their offers, finding them to be an unsuitable match. One of the gods that had his eye on Persephone was Hades, king of the underworld [or one of them, depending on where you stand on Erebus but that’s a different entry]. However, Hades decided that he needed a much more direct approach than the one that Hermes and other gods had taken which was to go through Demeter to get to her daughter.

Persephone and her handmaidens were out picking flowers in a field. At this point most every day was at least warm and pleasant, if not high summer, and there were lots of flowers. Hades with his control over the underworld and things that go on underground, made sure that a seed sprouted a nice, happy, pretty flower that Persephone would be sure to pick. And according to plan, Persephone picked the flower-and Hades dragged her into hell.

And this is where, to use a deliberate cliche, all hell broke loose. Demeter realized that something was wrong and in her mourning refused to let things grow. The world fell into sterility and coldness. Basically, winter came. After awhile the gods, each for a number of their own reasons, approached the goddess to cheer her up. No one was able to do it, at least, not enough to get her to let the crops grow again. Eventually Zeus turned to Hecate, psychopomp and mistress of the dead and dying, and asked her to go into hell on Demeter’s behalf.

Hecate agreed and went into hell, where even Hades admitted her power. While there Hecate told Persephone that she could go home provided that she didn’t eat anything while she was down there.

…And this is where I have problems with the myth. This is where I had to spend a lot of time thinking about this to make it work to a point where I frankly didn’t find it insulting to this goddess.

According to more traditional retellings, Hades managed to trick the maiden goddess into eating a number of pomegranate seeds. This meant that she was now tied to the underworld and effectively making her his wife. Eventually the other gods managed to work out a deal with Hades so that Persephone would spend roughly half the year with her mother so her mother would let the plants grow-so long as she returned for a month for each seed consumed. And they all lived happily ever after and we have winter.

So my issue with this isn’t even a matter of feminism, though I do find a lot of problems with the idea of ‘it’s okay to steal women so long as they can go home to mom and besides they’re now a queen.’ Or maybe it is, but in a roundabout way. This is a deity that the classical literature makes out to be pretty flipping terrifying-and exceptionally intelligent. One of her roles was to judge whether or not a curse should stand and take action accordingly. She was certainly Hades’ equal. So how could she not understand something as pretty basic as ‘don’t eat this fruit’? No, really, how does she not come to a basic understanding about not eating a pomegranate-whatever the pomegranate actually stands for.

I guess I fall on a darker side of Persephone-I don’t think that she necessarily went willingly but I think that she knew what she was doing eating that fruit. I’m not even going to try to romanticize it and have her falling for Hades. I think that it was a power play-and I think we do her a lot of disservice to try to tone her down. It’s like when we made all the faeries small because they’re nicer that way.

…At least they didn’t take all the teeth out of her like Deviantart keeps wanting to do with Hades.

Sunday Legends-By Any Other Name


Sometimes you set up an idea or theme that you want to work with and the universe decides that it wants your energies somewhere else. Roses have been everywhere for me lately, so I’m taking the hint-and this time it wasn’t even a case of ignoring it and hoping the nagging would stop, this is just the first time I had to sit down and write on it.

Admittedly, this is a topic that feels strange to me. I don’t really mesh well with the traditional trappings of Western femininity. I think that I’ve said as much on this blog before, I must have. I am the girl who’s the first to admit that I’m not like other girls. I asked Mid for stuffed bats for Valentine’s Day one year. And when I think ‘roses’ I think about as girly as you can get, right up there with wanting to paint your bedroom pink and high heels.

If those are your type of things, rock out with your bad self- I’m going to be the one in the corner with the oxblood Doc Martins and black dress pants. That is in fact what I wore to my birthday party this year.

The flower has a deep connection with love and romance, being the flower of Aphrodite/Venus. I think that it’s interesting however that a lot of modern writers and poets associate her with something much closer to the ideal of courtly love than perhaps what she was actually good at-hers was a love that quite fine with the idea of rampaging.

The rose holds several layers of meaning. There are historical examples of the rose actually standing for secrecy as opposed to love. The symmetry of the rose has long been appealing to religious writers of various faiths who use the flower to express the concept of divine love and protection; the connection to the divine has also led to a perhaps increasingly archaic belief that deity smells like roses and a successful exorcism will smell like such.

For the Victorians the rose was all about love but color was pivotal. Red roses suggested hot, passionate love while pink was a little more restrained. Yellow was the color of friendship (I’ve also heard through oral tellings that yellow was sometimes used to reject a person-of the “let’s just be friends, okay?” variety), and white for chasity or pure intentions. Stripped of its thorns the rose would suggest love at first sight. Receiving black roses meant you probably angered someone deeply and you should watch where you step.