I name my yarns after words that I like to say out loud. That’s my naming scheme for this year; there’s really nothing more complicated to it than that.

My stress level is through the roof right now, so I’m spinning and dyeing everything I can get my hands on. I just sorted out my koolaide stash; I’m heavy on stuff I thought I would be low on and almost out of the colors I normally have by the bucketful.

Filter actually shifts yarn closer to true color

Filter actually shifts yarn closer to true color


base wool: heinz 57 from the woolery

ply: n-ply

wpi: 12

yardage: 159 yds

dye: food grade w/ citric acid

This is a completely unreproduceable skein. This is what the roving looked like coming out of the pot:

alexandria rovingI’m never going to get it to break like that again.

Colors: purple, red, blue, pink, aqua, cream/natural

Bloggers-I have started a new group board on Pinterest. Open to all DIY, craft, food, or other creative blogs, I would love to have you join. Joining instructions are posted on the board-join here.

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